Ecology consultancy and surveys for planning and compliance

Case Studies

Residential Development Case Study
Ecological Assessment for Residential Development
The client wished to obtain planning permission for demolishing an existing dwelling and re-developing their site with two residential units. An ecological assessment including a bat check was required for the planning application due to proximity of a river and a number of County Wildlife Sites.

We undertook an ecological assessment which included a Phase 1 Habitat Survey, bat check and calculation of the likelihood of minor and major bat roosts being present. As the likelihoods were no more than very low, we recommended measures to avoid potential impact risks and to enhance biodiversity.

Our ecology report satisfied the Local Planning Authority’s ecology consultee and the proposed development was granted planning consent, with our recommended impact avoidance measures made a condition of planning permission. For more information, see planning reference B/16/01701 on Babergh and Mid-Suffolk District Councils website.

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