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Would you Prefer Your Ecological Consultant to See Less?
There are many developers who must wish that their ecological consultants were not so capable at spotting the bat signs, the newt potential, the lizards etc. on their site, with the resultant costs of further surveys and mitigation. So, from a developer’s point of view, is the ideal ecological consultant good at writing reports but not too sharp-sighted?

Actually, in our experience, and from seeing the reports of other consultants, some of whom are indeed not too sharp-sighted, we have found that more thorough surveys are actually likely to significantly save developers money.

How do you figure that, you wonder? Well, we find that most ecologists are good enough at spotting broad habitats that could have potential for ecological issues – for example, that rough grassland could have potential for reptiles, or buildings potential for bats. And in many cases, the initial assessment does not go much further than that, with subsequent recommendations for full surveys at sometimes considerable cost to the client.

However, not all rough grassland is suitable for reptiles, and not every building with crevices is suitable for bats. That is why we do much more detailed assessments of habitats on our Phase 1 Habitat Surveys which, together with our unique evaluation method using over 300 formulas and calculations, result in a more precise determination of the suitability of the habitats for ecological issues.

More precise evaluation = fewer surveys of unsuitable sites = less cost and less delay.

We therefore recommend you use an ecological consultant who is sharp-eyed, thorough and sufficiently well-informed to evaluate your site properly.
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