Ecology consultancy and surveys for planning and compliance

Case Studies

Healthcare Development Case Study
Ecological Assessment for Healthcare Development
The client wished to ensure proposed works to Princess Alexandra Hospital, Harlow were undertaken in compliance with wildlife legislation.

We undertook an ecological assessment which included a Phase 1 Habitat Survey, desk study and initial bat check of the site. The calculated likelihoods of minor and major bat roosts being present were assessed as negligible, and the over-all ecological value of the development area very low. Impact avoidance measures were recommended to reduce impact risks to negligible, and measures recommended to enhance biodiversity.

 “Adonis Ecology were commissioned to survey for ecological constraints prior to works proposed to Princess Alexandra Hospital. They produced a detailed, professional ecological report with advice on impact avoidance, enabling our works to proceed in compliance with wildlife legislation” Teme Alem, Capital Project Manager, The Princess Alexandra Hospital NHS Trust, Harrlow, Essex.