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Reducing & Offsetting our Carbon Footprint
Adonis Ecology has furthered our commitment to reducing our environmental impact by entering the world of carbon offsetting. Our office already runs on 100% renewable energy through our electricity supplier and we are now offsetting the carbon dioxide produced through our travel to surveys, which is our other major energy use.

Carbon offsetting is a tricky science which works on the premise that the amount of carbon released into the atmosphere through certain activities (e.g. driving 100 miles in a petrol hatchback) is calculated and then balanced out or “offset” by either removing the same amount of carbon, or taking measures elsewhere to prevent the same amount of carbon being released. Sounds relatively straight-forward? It’s not.

Planting a tree is a wonderfully natural way to absorb carbon from the environment, with all the other benefits trees provide. Apart from the benefits to health and well-being of having trees and other greenspaces around us, tree provide valuable habitats for animals such as bats and birds, as well as supporting a wide range of invertebrates which in turn feed numerous other species. Add in the part they play in ecosystem services such as flood prevention, air and water quality improvements, and air cooling in urban areas, and trees are a valuable investment in the future. However, the point of offsetting carbon emissions is to prevent the negative effects of releasing the carbon dioxide from taking place, which means time has a part to play. Trees take time to grow and time to absorb that carbon, meaning time for that carbon to sit in the atmosphere, having its impact on our climate.

Most offsetting, therefore, goes down the route of financial contributions to schemes which reduce the carbon released in other areas (e.g. LED lights to replace incandescent, fuel efficient cooking stoves, renewable energy production). It’s still not simple, however, as in order to truly offset specific amounts, these reductions in emissions have to be reductions that wouldn’t have taken place without the offsetting contributions (giving an LED bulb to someone who was buying one anyway doesn’t count!).

Luckily for us at Adonis, there are a number of companies who specialise in carbon offsetting, who consider the factors above and, given the solutions may not be 100% perfect, we decided on a belt-and-braces approach in contributing to a project which aims to offset twice over by supporting verified carbon reduction projects AND planting trees in our local region.

So far, through Carbon Footprint Ltd., we have offset all of our driving CO2 emissions for the financial year April 2016 – March 2017 (5 tonnes) and funded the planting of 5 trees in the East of England. We are now in the process of calculating the latest year’s contributions. We are happy that we’ve done our utmost to counteract the potential impacts of our business, and we’ll continue to keep our eye on developments in this field, to make sure we’re doing the best we can in keeping our footprint small.

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