Ecology consultancy and surveys for planning and compliance

Arboricultural Services

Helping you get Planning Permission, Retain Value and Reduce Hazards

Have an easier ride through planning, and more value from your investment, with our tree surveys and reports produced to the highest industry standard.

We undertake BS 5837:2012 tree surveys and produce tree constraints plans, arboricultural impact assessments and arboricultural method statements for projects throughout England.

Why Choose Our Tree Surveys and Reports

  • Your survey would be undertaken by a qualified arboriculturist who is a Technician member of the Arboricultural Association.
  • Our recommendations to you would be both proportionate and in accordance with standard guidance, thereby ensuring you have the most cost-effective solutions.
  • Your tree survey and report would be effective and credible with Local Planning Authorities because it would be to British Standard BS 5837:2012.
  • Your tree survey could be combined with your ecology survey, saving you the cost of commissioning separate site visits.

Types of Tree Surveys and Reports


Tree Surveys

The survey consists of a visual assessment of the health and structure of trees on site, recording their species, dimensions and age. The information is used to assess the amenity value of the trees so we can make recommendations to you on which should be retained, managed or removed.

TCP and Site Feasibility

The Tree Constraints Plan will be produced using specialist software to plot trees on a map of your site, and to include Root Protection Areas and shading from trees to assist in the initial design of the site, as required, to help you make the most of the value of trees on your site.

Arboricultural Impact Assessments

Based on your proposals for the site taking into account the TCP, the AIA will assess where impacts to trees are likely to occur and identify how these impacts can be avoided or mitigated to help you retain the highest amenity value of the trees on your site whilst meeting planning requirements.

AMS and Tree Protection Plans

Finally, a report will be produced for you to submit to the Local Planning Authority to outline trees to be removed, how any loss in amenity value of trees on site will be mitigated for and how any trees on and around the site that will be retained will be managed and/or protected during the works.

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