Ecology consultancy and surveys for planning and compliance

Ecological Mitigation and Licensing

Mitigation and Licensing to help you Discharge Planning Conditions and Comply with Wildlife Laws

Be able to start your works on site sooner, and have more value from your investment, with our proportionate and effective ecological mitigation.

We help clients apply for European Protected Species Mitigation Site Licences for projects with bats or great crested newts throughout England. 

What is different about our Ecological Mitigation

  • Your need for mitigation solutions would be less because we look for ways you can avoid impacts
  • Your European Protected Species Mitigation Site Licence application would include proportionate methods discussed and agreed with you
  • You would be kept regularly informed of progress throughout the mitigation process
  • You would be able to start works on site sooner and proceed quicker due to our more effective methods of ecological mitigation

Common Ecological Mitigation Services


European Protected Species Site Licence

This is needed when your works would likely have a significant impact on a European Protected Species. We can produce the Mitigation Method Statement and help with the other documentation for applying for the site licence after planning permission to enable your works to proceed legally.

Non-licensed Method Statement

This is appropriate when although European Protected Species (e.g. bats, great crested newts, dormice) are present on your site, impacts can be avoided with careful working. Most non-European protected species, such as widespread reptile species, can be mitigated for without a site licence.

Low Impact Licence

This is appropriate when impacts on a European Protected Species such as bats would be relatively minor, but unavoidable. For such instances we have a network of approved consultants holding Low Impact Class Licences to enable your works to proceed sooner with proportionate mitigation.

Ecological Clerk of Works

This service is appropriate where potential ecological impacts during construction may be complex. An Ecological Clerk of Works monitors and advises to ensure your works proceed in compliance with wildlife legislation, relevant planning conditions and agreed ecological method statements. 

Avoidance, Mitigation, Compensation

Avoid impacts wherever possible and reduce your need for mitigation and compensation – it is not only better for the wildlife, it will save you a lot of time and money! Where mitigation is unavoidable, we have the experience and resources to help you get started as soon as possible.

Post-works Ecological Monitoring

The purpose of this is to ensure that the mitigation has been effective and to advise on adjustments as necessary. Our monitoring is designed to be focussed and proportionate and ensure easy comparison with previous surveys to demonstrate the effectiveness of your mitigation.

“Adonis Ecology provided us with a service which was prompt and efficient, within a few weeks of our initial enquiry we were able to submit their report to the Local Planning Authority and the outstanding Planning Condition was discharged allowing us to progress our development without any delays.”  

Chris Hunt, Magellan Design Ltd., Shipley

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