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Wales' largest solar farm gets go-ahead with help from Adonis Ecology
The 50MW scheme on Anglesey will be developed by Countryside Renewables (North Anglesey) Ltd following the decision by the Isle of Anglesey County Council to grant planning permission for the proposal.

In addition to being expected to provide electricity sufficient to power 15,500 homes annually, the scheme will result in significant biodiversity benefits, including the creation and enhancement of habitats that are a priority for conservation.

John Dunlop, Managing Partner, Countryside Renewables Capital LLP, said: “Adonis Ecology provided an efficient service that encompassed the positive, not just the negative, impacts of our proposed solar site on biodiversity, helping us to achieve planning permission for the largest solar farm in Wales. In addition, through their involvement, they spotted when an ecology consultee was suggesting an expensive and unnecessary precaution of newt fencing. They provided a professional, reasoned response to the consultee, resulting in the removal of the requirement and potentially saving us an estimated £70,000 in costs at construction.”

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